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(( Filtered AWAY from Goemon, in case he has access to messages during the draft. Murasaki isn't sure. ))

[So, Goemon left for the draft and... Murasaki is feeling all sorts of sad. Certainly not expecting him to go.

Although, while he's away, she isn't going to be all bummed and 'mourning'. She's thinking about making something special for him!


She just can't decide what she wants to do.

And that's why the following video feed pops up.]

Oh, hm, hello. Gee... Is still kind of strange using this book...

Ah, anyway, I need some help here. If there's someone you really, REALLY like, hm... what can you do for them?

I mean, I want to give this someone a special gift for Christmas, but I can't decide what to do. I could try knitting him something, but I don't think I have enough days to do so...

Does anyone have any suggestions? I want him to know I care about him a lot. [Specially because he doesn't remember their time together...]
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Day 1-6: Truth may be perception, but you're just a freaking liar. [Everything Goes!]

[During ALL this event, Murasaki will be, mostly, saying the truth But she'll slip a lie or two in there, oops! Sorry about that. It's up to you to know if she's lying or not though (( mun will tell you when she is, don't worry )) ]

Day 2: Your dinner will make you pray for death. [Action]

[Ah... the fresh smell of bagels. Those do look delicious! And Murasaki didn't eat anything all day, so it's only natural she quickly devours say bagels while sitting inside the bakery.

Everything is going just fine, until she gets to the very last one.

The first bit is, at first, OK.

But then, comes the taste. A taste like moldy peaches. And rotten fish. And expired milk.

Needless to say, she promptly spits out the once tasty pastry and now nothing NOTHING will take that taste out of her mouth. And now she wants to die, just so then she can' taste that anymore.]

Day 3-4: Your next career: Gangster Florist [Video/Action]

[The feed starts and Murasaki is wearing all black and... black shades. And a fedora. Why the hell is she wearing those things anyway?

Also, her next announcement seems... rather suspicious.]

If anyone wants... some things to be taken 'care off', you can call me. I can make problem's 'disappear', if you guys know what I mean.

[She's obviously talking about how flowers make everything better and how everyone loves them. What you think she's talking about? Later on, she can be spotted walking around town, carrying a violin case. Full of flowers.]

Day 5: All your furniture has moved one inch to the left. [Video]

[Murasaki is mostly normal now, aside from the lying. There's something bothering her though.]

... Say... is it just me... or is my furniture moving by itself? [She looks at her bedroom. Her things were moved. She can feel it.]
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[See Murasaki.

See Murasaki atop of a tree.

See Murasaki FALLING FLAT ON HER ASS from said tree.

Obviously, the journal on her opens up on the floor and a loud 'thump' noise can be heard, along with a grunt of pain. And the following audio broadcast takes place.]

Ugh... At least the snow softened my... fall...

EEEH? Wait! How did I get on that tree in the first place? And why is it snowing? Wasn't it supposed to be summer?! [She then notices the soft white dress she's wearing isn't the most adequate garment for the winter.]

... Ugh... It's really cold. [She gets up, rubbing her arms.] Where are my clothes anyway? [She reaches for her hair and notices that her butterfly hairpin isn't there.] AAH! Oh no! Where is it! Where??

[Looking around for it, she finally notices the open book lying on the ground.]

Hm? What is it? Maybe someone lost it... [Without a second thought Murasaki just closes the book and puts it against her chest, still looking around for her hairpin, besides the fact she's cold as hell. PRIORITIES.]
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Name: Ukiby
Livejournal Username: [ profile] ukiby_chan
AIM: ukiby3000
Current Characters at Luceti:

Princess Peach / Super Mario / [ profile] mush_monarch


Name: Murasaki
Fandom: Lupin III
Gender: Female
Age: Since it was never stated, I'm going with 18-19
Time Period: Post-Fuma Conspiracy
Wing Color: A really soft yellow tone <3

SIT DOWN. I'm gonna tell you about the Fuma Conspiracy movie so this might take a while.

The following two paragraphs are told in flashbacks, so details are foggy.

So, Murasaki's involvement with the Lupin III canon starts when she meets Goemon on a lovely rainy day. She's with an umbrella, looking after some adorable puppies and, well, just how are you not going to feel empathy towards someone so lovely?

Then, well, Murasaki and Goemon start to see each other more and more, he starts hanging around her house and, as expected, they fall in love! AND OFF TO MARRIAGE THEY GO!

Flashbacks stop HERE.

So, the day of the wedding finally comes around and there's much rejoicing! The ceremony was going fine, until the Fuma ninjas gatecrash into the party to steal the vase that was part of the wedding ceremony. Sure thing no one wants them to get away with it, so there's some chasing around, until the vase is retrieved.

But, wait! No one was keeping an eye on sweet Murasaki while all this was happening, and so she's kidnapped, and the ransom is, you guessed, the vase.

Goemon goes to talk to Murasaki's grandpa, to discuss what they should do about it, and much to his surprise her grandpa doesn't want to give up the vase in exchange for his granddaughter. Which is a pretty douche move in my opinion, but oh well.

So, what's up with this vase anyway? Well, apparently said vase holds a key to a place filled with treasures and such, and the Fuma clan wants said treasure for them. So basically Murasaki's grandpa wants to protect said treasure from falling into the wrong hands.

Instead of slicing everything on his path and saying 'FUCK IT' and taking the vase anyway, Goemon just... goes with that plan /facepalm So, it's up to Lupin to take the vase so then they can make the exchange. Sure that Loops, originally, wants to make off with both Murasaki and the vase, but when the police intervenes during their operation, they are only able to escape with Murasaki (which is already something).

After giving her some clothes, the group splits. Loops and Jigen go after the vase and the Fuma guys, while Murasaki and Goemon go back to her grampa's home, to take a look at the place where the treasure is hidden (much to Goemon's frustration, because he kind of wanted to keep his cute girlfriend out of this mess...)

When Murasaki and Goemon arrive, the Fuma clan already got into the cave where the treasure is hidden, so they enter to go after them. Not too long after that they meet up with Loops, Jigen and Fujiko and they explore the place together, getting into trap after trap. In one of said traps, a kind of hallucinogenic gas makes Goemon crazy in the head and, welp, he almost cuts Murasaki in half. It's amazing how she's still sticking to him after all this mess...

When they get deep inside the cave and reach a house with golden roof (the real treasure inside that maze) they finally meet the Fuma ninjas, and there's, well, a fight. With lots of tension. And Murasaki showing some REAL BALLS by trying to shoot the leader of the Fuma clan when Goemon finds himself in a really tight spot.

In the ends, Goemon is able to defeat the Fuma leader, the cave starts collapsing and, with the help of Zenigata, everyone is able to escape unharmed.

After all this probation, however, Goemon decides to leave Murasaki be, because he doesn't want to put her in danger again and wants to be stronger to protect her properly. And, at the same time this is a very considerate move on his part, it's also quite disappointing how they don't end up together, after everything. Murasaki goes "Alright, if you want to go, go, but I won't wait for you, tsun tsun", but it's pretty clear that, yep. She's going to wait for him alright.

And here ends Fuma Conspiracy, the only movie to ever feature Murasaki (and that's pretty sad...)


Murasaki is your typical 'teenage girl'. She's a helpless romantic, likes cute stuff and is throughout adorable. Sure that, being so young, she's still a tab bit naive and, sometimes, might look a little bit 'airy', but can be sharp when she needs to.

She cares about others a lot and doesn't hesitate when it comes to helping her loved ones. If needed, she’ll even put her life on the line if that means this will help others out (more on that below on the Strengths/weakness sections).

When you look at Murasaki, you see that she only wants simple things, like have a loving husband and lead a happy life. Sure that’s pretty much the aim of almost every teenage girl on Earth, but you can’t really blame her for her simple wishes.

Also, she clearly enjoys some displays of affection, much to Goemon’s distress (who’s as closed as a clam, even when it comes to THE GIRL HE WAS ABOUT TO MARRY SOME HOURS AGO), but she doesn’t seem particularly frustrated or angry when he sort of ‘repels’ her advances, because it’s pretty clear that’s what she likes about him.

Speaking of which, it’s pretty hard to make Muraski angry. Despite everything that happens to her throughout the movie, she never, ever, looks upset. Sad and a little bit disappointed, yes, but not mad. If she really is mad, she does a pretty damn good job at hiding it, but it’s pretty unlikely that she would hide her feelings all that much. Specially from the people that like and care about her.


Physical: Murasaki doesn't have much physical strength, except for the fact that she seems to have energy to spend (but then again, almost everyone in the Lupin franchise seems to be like that...) and it's cutesy. Yep... That's about it *lol*

Mental: All things considered, Murasaki is really friggin' sharp when she needs to. When she and Goemon enter that cave after the Fuma ninjas, she's the one to discover where the lights turn on, figures out the 'riddle' inside the room with those creepy statues... So, she actually isn't only a cute face. She also got brains and will use it if she needs to.

Emotional: She cares a whole lot about others, sometimes to the point where her own safety doesn't seem to matter. While they are exploring the cave and come across this room riddled with arrow traps, Goemon goes inside and the others have to hold her back so then she doesn't go after him and get hurt. Also, when she tries shooting the boss of the Fuma clan, she shows that, even though she isn't particularly strong or able when it comes to fighting off foes, she's able to gather enough courage to get over her weaknesses and do something about it.


Physical: Murasaki is just a regular girl and, as such, is pretty easy to hurt and maul her. Punches and kicks WILL HURT and will probably put her off a fight real soon. I’m not even going to star on bullets and knifes. Long story short: it’s not hard to kill her (but I don’t want you guys to do that!)

Mental: Sometimes, Murasaki doesn't seem to measure the 'gravity' of the situation at hand. Like, when Goemon is talking to Lupin and Jigen about the location of the cave, and that he doesn't want Murasaki there because it's too dangerous, she pops up and is all "Hey, I already know where the cave is and we should totally go there, where those deadly ninjas are!" As 'sharp' as she is with some things, she seems rather impulsive, and clearly lacks the ability to plan things ahead, which clearly puts her in dangerous situations.

Emotional: Her caring of others sometimes puts her in tight spots (because, really. You are a teenage girl and you are going against the boss of a ninja clan???? That’s sooooo not wise…), but she doesn’t seem to care about that. And speaking of caring, it’s pretty clear that she has no problem with robbers and/or criminals because 1) she got really close to marrying one (even though Goemon kind of vowed to behave if they married) 2) she’s TOTALLY OK with hanging around Lupin and co. even knowing all too well they are up to no good. So, she’s totally capable of loving people who are bad (you know those teenage girls and how they love bad boys…) and that clearly isn’t the best thing she could do…

Samples (ALL samples must be set in Luceti-verse.)

First Person:

[OK, so first things first: Murasaki will remember, from now on, to never have so much sushi before going to bed. Because… apparently she is having one hell of a realistic dream.

She wakes up in the middle of the woods, a little bit dizzy, eyes blurry. And despite the ethereal feeling all around her, everything around seems pretty real.]

Hngh… What… Where am I? [She takes a quick look around and, the first thing she notices is that, nope. She isn’t wearing her regular clothes.]

Eh? Where these clothes came from?? [It’s not like they are ugly. She kind of likes them, but still…

By her side, there’s a book just lying there, so she picks it up with curiosity.]

How weird… I guess someone dropped this here. [Seeing that there’s no ‘title’ in the cover, she opens up the book, trying to figure out what’s that all about.]

Hm… There’s nothing written here, only some blank lines… AAH? Why is there a picture of me in this?

[OK, time to panic. Murasaki quickly gets up, looking around frantically.] O-OK Murasaki, calm down. It’s pretty clear that this is only a dream… right? [She says to himself, trying to calm down a bit. Freaking out will do her no good.

Maybe… I should go somewhere? Maybe not… I don’t even know where I am, so I might just end up getting lost… [She sighs.

Then, she hears some steps coming her way and, closing the book quickly, she stares at the source of the sound.]

He-hello? Who’s there?

Third Person:

All in all, Luceti proved to be a really great place. People there were nice and welcoming, not to mention that it was great to be around Lupin and the others again. She almost forgot how cool they were!

But… something still bothered her. Why Goemon didn’t remember her?

Sure she tried her best not to show how bothered she was about that fact, but sometimes, when she was laying down in her bed at night, thinking, she couldn’t help but feel her heart grow somewhat heavy, thanks to that.

At first, Murasaki told herself that, maybe, just maybe, that was some sort of probation for her to go through, so then she could stop thinking about him and let go off his memory, since she had been waiting for him for a long time back home, but he never came back. And she did try to ‘forget’ him and put her memories of him aside.

But, after a while, that didn’t seem to work. She was still at Luceti, Goemon was still around, and he still didn’t remember her. So trying to forget him wasn’t her ticket out of there.

So, what was up? All the others seemed to remember her, even Zenigata, who just saw her briefly. Why Goemon, the man who were supposed to marry her one day, couldn’t even remember her name when they first met at Luceti, let alone remember any of the moments they shared?

Murasaki did try to awake his memories once or twice, but it was clear that there was no use to it. He wasn’t going to magically remember their time together. And the only explanation she could find for such event was that, somehow, when Goemon got sucked into that place, he ended up losing that particular part of his memories. Sure it was cruel how, the only part of his past he forgot was her, but she wasn’t really mad at him. It clearly wasn’t his fault.

Still, she kept trying to ‘charm’ him again. If he couldn’t remember her, she was going to try and get his heart once again. She did it once, she was sure to do that again.


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